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The Cab06 throttle features a 4 digit LED display, support for 29 functions, up to 6 recalls and can now control individual accessories as well as macros.

The wireless version of the Cab06 is designed to eliminate the need for tethered operation of an NCE Cab. It is equipped with an internal antenna. The radio is battery powered and will supply power for both cab operation and the radio itself. The Cab has a built in battery chamber for four AAA battery cells. (batteries not included)

Operation of the Radio Cab:

To turn on the cab: Press “HORN” key. The Cab06 will activate and the LED on top of the case very briefly flash. Once the cab communicates with the base station normal operations can begin just as if you were plugged in to the cab bus.

Description of LED activity:

The LED on top of the cab will flicker every time it communicates with the base station. A regular pulse of this LED indicates good quality communications. The flickering will become erratic when you are getting out of range from the base station. You can use this LED “heart beat” to ‘map out’ weak signal areas and ‘nulls’ of the layout room. Priority is placed on commands getting from the cab to the base station. As you approach the maximum range of the cab, updates to the LED (on/off) will lag behind the commands being sent to the base. If the base station is not able to read the LED updates it will try to re-send them 16 times before giving up. The base station LEDs flash brightly when it is trying to send display update information.

To turn off the cab: Just let it “timeout” and shut itself off. Optionally, you can press the SHIFT key then the HORN key at the same time. The Cab06 will turn off.

Automatic shutdown: As it comes from the factory, the cab will automatically shut itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Cab Addresses: The wireless Cab06 works best when set to cab addresses in the range of 19-49. It will operate more slowly when set in the range of 2-17.

Please note: The Cab06 will operate properly with all Power Cabs, SB3 and SB3a Systems. If you have a PH Pro, PH10 or PowerHouse system, you need to have software MAR 1 2007 or newer for proper operation. Some early MAR 1 2007 systems may display the wrong loco address above 4095. If you encounter this problem, please contact NCE for new software. See Page 2 for more information.

Before you do anything else: The Cab 06 comes to you with its Cab Address set to 3. If you are using it as the additional Cab for a Power Cab, you're all set. You don't need to do anything. However, if you are using one of our other systems and you already have a Cab that is set to Cab Address 3, then you will need to change its number.

Manual Here: http://ncecorporation.com/pdf/Cab06.pdf

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