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Version: P=Trim Pot, the throttle knob has hard stop at zero speed and a hard stop at full speed

The Cab06 throttle features a 4 digit LED display, support for 29 functions, up to 6 recalls and can now control individual accessories as well as macros.

Please note: The Cab06 will operate properly with all Power Cabs, SB3 and SB3a Systems. If you have a PH Pro, PH10 or PowerHouse system, you need to have software MAR 1 2007 or newer for proper operation. Some early MAR 1 2007 systems may display the wrong loco address above 4095. If you encounter this problem, please contact NCE for new software. See Page 2 for more information.

Before you do anything else: The Cab 06 comes to you with its Cab Address set to 3. If you are using it as the additional Cab for a Power Cab, you're all set. You don't need to do anything. However, if you are using one of our other systems and you already have a Cab that is set to Cab Address 3, then you will need to change its number.

Manual Here: http://ncecorporation.com/pdf/Cab06.pdf

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