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  • Hate soldering?
  • SNAPS! is a EZ wiring connector for the Tortoise Slow Motion Switch Machine.
  • It is composed of a edge connector that SNAPS onto the Tortoise and a 8 position wiring block for wiring up the Tortoise!
  • You simply insert your wires and tighten the screw - done. NO SOLDERING!
  • SNAPS! edge connector uses STAY PUT SHIMS! - no sliding on the tortoise contacts - Fits PERFECTLY!
  • Available: singles, 6 packs, and 12 packs.

NOTE: Circuitron has made a change to the internal circuit board resulting in a wider board. The new board is green, older ones are white. Please see the photos to see the new July 2020 version against the long time white board.

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