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16 signal head controller with 4 turnout controls and 8 input lines.

▪ 4 SE1 Digitrax 10-pin ribbon cables that control 4 LED signal heads each. ▪ 4 Switch (SW) control outputs for solenoid or slow-motion turnouts.
▪ Plug-in connectors for simple and easy installation and service.
▪ User defined 4+32 consecutive SW addresses in 2000+ SW range.

▪ Optional 9 types of DCC Aspect control, including Lunar lamps.
▪ Easy setup with Option Switches (OPSW) or LocoNet CV programming.
▪ Power input from 2mm DC jack, or DCC track voltage, 10V min to 20V max. ▪ 8 easy to setup System Routes, with 8 SW Entries each.
▪ 8 input control lines; 4 for Output/SW change and 4 Sensor/DS inputs.
▪ Additional advanced LocoNet Configuration modes using DT602 throttles.

Parts List

1 SE74 Stationary Decoder 1 10-pin pluggable input cable
1 Instruction Sheet 1 SE1 PCB test mast and 10pin cable

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