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Locomotive Compatibility:

  • Atlas ALCO C420 Phase 1


This WOWKit includes:


  • A WOWSound decoder
  • TCS motherboard with on-board Keep Alive®
  • Speaker with speaker wire and enclosure.
  • Each WOWKit has been engineered for a perfect fit in your locomotive.


Even if you are new to DCC or DCC installations, you can achieve Easy, Clean, Professional results using WOWKits.


WOWKits make sound installation as simple and all-inclusive as possible.


Included in this WOWKit:


  • 1 x WOW121-Diesel Decoder with 9 prime movers and counting
  • 1 x AS-MB2-NC WOWMotherboard with a built-in KA-4 Keep-Alive™
  • 1 x 25mm x 14mm WOWSpeaker (with speaker wires)
  • 1 x UNIV-SH4-C Speaker Housing

*A Soldering Iron, Solder, and Tape (for mounting) are required for installation, but are NOT included.


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