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Main Features of this Decoder

• Steam Sounds this decoder includes light, medium, and heavy steam locomotive sounds.

• True CD Quality Audio Enjoy rich, full audio with true to life 16bit 44,100Hz sounds. No one else even comes close.

Keep-Alive Included - This decoder includes an attached KA3 Keep-Alive for uninterupted operation.

• Proto Chuff for dynamic chuff intensity, volume, and tone.

• Auxiliary Harness Includes cam wire, wires for Keep-Alive™, and the F3 and F4 function wires.

• Back EMF Load Compensation for superior slow speed control in excellent synchronization with the chuffs.

• Tons of Sounds! 15+ different bells and 20+ whistles plus much more.

• Audio AsisstTM With Audio AssistTM the decoder comes alive and talks you through configuring sounds and volumes. Just listen and follow along!

• Optimized for 8Ω Speakers Specifically optimized for 8Ω speakers.

Note: These do not include speakers, please see our other listings for speaker and enclosures

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