Expected release date is 10th May 2021
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Almost perfect for N-scale faithful, the redesigned KA1 Keep-Alive® modules are smaller than the KA3 but still hold a powerful charge - enough to keep your HO and N scale locomotives running across dirty and faulty trackwork.

The new Keep Alive® devices are considerably smaller than the KA3. Considering the overall cubic volume of the devices, the KA1 is 55% smaller than the KA3.
At roughly half of the original size, these miniaturized devices will enable modelers to fit Keep Alive® in smaller spaces and use them for a wider variety of installations - especially in N scale!

Though the new KA devices are smaller, they still pack a powerful punch! The KA1 is roughly one third of the power of the KA3,  which is enough to keep even HO-scale sound decoders cruising across dirt, dust, gaps, and anything else your rough rails send its way.
Remember: the number of lighting functions in use and motor activity will drain the Keep Alive® at different rates.

  • Dimensions (Inches) 1.063" x 0.35" x 0.244"
  • Dimensions (Millimeters) 27mm x 8.9mm x 6.2mm
  • Cubic Volume (MM) 1,490mm3

NOTE: Parts of this listing and photos refer to both new sizes of TCS Keep-Alives. This listing is for the KA1 #1454 only.

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