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Railcrew HO UncouplerThe RailCrew ON-OFF Remote Uncoupler sits under the roadbed to reliably uncouple locomotives, passenger or freight cars, no matter what brand of standard magnetic knuckle couplers you use. At just 1 3/4″ wide (44mm) and 7/8″ deep (22mm) it’s not much larger than a permanent magnet and can be easily controlled by DCC accessory decoders. It also features an LED between the rails that marks the uncoupling zone which only operates when in the “ON” position. This is handy to have as the uncoupler is totally hidden from view.

When the uncoupler is “off” it has no effect on the couplers on your equipmemt. That means you won’t have any unwanted uncoupling. This is really handy in large yards and on the mainline, especially near runaround tracks or industrial spurs.

This revolutionary new product features:

  • Compact 1 3/4″(44mm) diameter x 7/8″” (22mm) height
  • Easy to install on existing layouts
  • Momentary 12V DC power means you can power numerous machines off of one power supply.
  • Only uncouples cars when you want it to
  • Works with all major brands of magnetic couplers
  • Low-profile, compact design for all layout types (including multi-deck and portable layouts)
  • Ideal for uncoupling both freight and passenger cars
  • LED between and below the rails marks uncoupling zone when in “ON” position
  • Available in singles, 6-packs or 12-packs

The RailCrew ON-OFF Remote Uncoupler is available a single unit or in a six-pack. Installation onto an existing layout is easy: drill a 1/8″ hole between the ties at the track centre line. Insert the steel centering pin (included) into your hole saw and cut a larger hole from beneath the subroadbed using the 1/8″ hole as a guide. Push the uncoupler in from below and connect the power. That’s it. If you are doing a new layout build you can do the entire installation from above.

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