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#20014 Pearl Medium Black - COURSE

PanPastel Pearl Medium – Black. Mix the Black Pearl Mediums with PanPastel Colors to create shimmering darks and shades for rich, jewel-like effects. 

PEARL MEDIUMS PanPastel Pearl Mediums add a pearlescent sheen / shimmer which changes depending on the angle it is viewed from, this also creates dimension. The Pearl Mediums can be mixed with PanPastel Colors for custom pearlescent colors or used on their own for mixed media.

  • Instant - No drying or preparation time required.
  • Mixable - Mix colors for an infinite number of custom colors & effects.
  • Low Dust - "No mess" alternative to powders and pastel sticks.
  • Ultra-fine - Highly pigmented color formulations - it's like using pure pigment.
  • Realistic effects - Doesn't have a "painted on" appearance once applied.
  • Compatible - Can be clear coated.

PanPastel Colors are a quick and easy way to add color and weathering effects to your models, for example:

  • General Wear & Tear
  • Scorch Marks
  • Battle Damage
  • Exhaust Rust
  • Oil Streaks
  • Shading
  • Dust
  • Soot
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