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NCE DCC - North Coast Engineering

D13J Decoders - 4 Pack

new smaller replacement for D13SRJ
Dimensions:  1.03 x 0.630 x .185 inches or 26 x 16.5 x 4.7 mm

  • Direct plug in to Athearn GP60M, Athearn 2-8-2 and other locos equipped with NMRA 9 pin DCC “Quick Plug”
  • This is an EPF (extended packet format) decoder supporting:     
  • Silent Running TM motor drive     
  • Torque Compensation for ultra smooth low speed performance     
  • Motor rating 3/4 Amp continuous,  1.2 Amp peak (stall)
  • All four function outputs have lighting effects generators     
  • Select from 15 different lighting effects (Mars, strobes, beacons, flicker, etc)     
  • Decoder programming lock mechanism  

NOTE: Price reflects NCE price increase in September 2018.

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