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156 D16MTC  21-Pin Decoder


  • 6 function decoder with 21 pin 'MTC' plug.


    • Dimensions: 0.900 x 0.615 x .180 inches – 23 x 16 x 4.7 mm
    • Direct plug in to locos equipped with NMRA 21 pin MTC (NEM651) plug
    • Features of this decoder::
    •  Silent Running, torque compensated motor drive
    •  Torque Compensation for ultra smooth low speed performance
    •  Motor rating .75 Amp continuous, 1.2 Amp stall
    •  All eight function outputs have lighting effects generators
    •  Select from 15 different lighting effects
    •  Support for both EU (logic) and US (full power) functions on outputs 5-8
    •  Full support for LED lighting
    •  Decoder programming lock mechanism


    The D16MTC can be configured via CV115 for compatibility with either logic level or full
    power for outputs F3, F4, F5 and F6. By default CV115 is set to a value of 0 for full
    power output compatibility comparable to the format of function outputs F0, F1 and F2.
    If you have a locomotive that requires logic level set CV115 to a value of 1 will provide
    for compatibility with logic level locomotives. One indication of the wrong setting for
    CV115 is that function will be off when they should be on and vice versa.


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