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NCE DCC - PowerHouse Pro DCC System

524-1 Starter Set - *Does not include P515 Power Supply. See our store for NCE P515.

This 5 Amp starter system has everything you need to get DCC equipped trains up and running (* see note above)

It includes the user friendly Pro Cab. You can be up and running in less than 20 minutes. 

A 5 amp Power Supply is required but not included.

Included in this set:

 Power Pro System Box with 4 pin and 2 pin plugs

  • Pro Cab Throttle
  • Coiled cable for cab - 6 wire RJ12 cab bus cable
  • Seven foot flat cable for cab - 6 wire RJ12 cab bus cable
  • Twelve inch flat cable - 4 wire RJ-H control bus cable
  • UTP cab bus panel 
  • Power Pro system reference manual Click here for the manual from NCE Information Station
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