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#50340 Modular twin speaker baffle set with 2 Sugar Cube speakers

Baffle sizes included:

  • 28mm Round
  • 16mm x 35mm Rectangle
  • 20mm x 40mm Rectangle 
  • All height adjustable using intermediate frames. 

With ESU's new modular speaker baffle set you can easily assemble your tailor made speaker baffle suitable for two miniature speakers. 

Both diameter and height can be individually adapted to suit your needs. 

Considerable audio pressure and excellent sound fidelity can be generated by employing two speakers wired in parallel.

The popular 11x15mm sugar cube speaker with 8 Ohm impedance is supplied with a sealed mounting plate. First select one of the three base frames subject to the type of speaker you want to assemble, namely a circular frame with 28mm diameter or a rectangular type with either 16x35mm or 20x40mm. After you have inserted the speakers into the base frame you may now determine the height of the speaker baffle. The minimum height is 6mm, which can be raised to 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm or 13mm by adding up to three intermediate frames. 

The set contains two 2mm high and one 3mm high intermediate frame. They can easily be fixed with glue suitable for plastic materials.

The higher the speaker baffle, the better the bass fidelity. It certainly pays off to utilize the entire space available. 

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