Also available in singles and 6 packs.

  • Factory installed DCC decoder
  • Use to operate turnout points, crossing gates and semaphore signals
  • Use with DCC or DC layouts
  • May be controlled externally with a push button or toggle switch, or DCC Stationary Decoders (sold separately)
  • High gear ratio and throw strength provides superior operational stability
  • Quieter and more robust than similar type switch machines
  • Operates at 6-12vDC (9vDC optimal) and draws only 30mA
  • Two internal SPDT "break before make" switches for frog power switching, panel lights, feedback or signalling
  • Internal switch contacts have strong pressure formed phosphor bronze wipers and gold plated wiper contacts
  • Positive but gentle and almost totally silent mechanism
  • Mounting tabs for vertical or horizontal installation
  • Solderless connection using the built in terminal block
  • Includes installation hardware
  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer
Single Cobalt CBD slow motion turnout/switch machines with factory installed DCC. Provides realistic operation for turnouts, crossing gates & semaphore signals. With a smaller footprint, and only 45-percent the physical volume of its nearest competitor, the Cobalt has a much higher gear ratio, superior throw strength and far greater stability than any other similar product at the end of throw. Quick to install, easy to wire with solder-free crewless push-in terminal connectors, and simple to set up. Useable with all scales. Includes basic instructions
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