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1902-5 Box Girders 

Separate bridge parts i.e., Bridge Girders #1902-5 are available in packages of 5 shots. 1902-5 Bridge Girders include enough for 10 each of 3 styles of box girders.

Use these highly detailed laced girders to build many different structures, towers, and flatcar loads.

HO 1902 Girder Specifications

Girder Face:22 HO inches(actual 0.225")

Girder Depth:24 HO inches(actual 0.276")

Girder Length:42 feet 4.5 inches HO(actual 5.800")

Small Girder Face:14 HO inches(actual 0.161")

Small Girder Depth:12 HO inches(actual 0.138") 

Photo may show painted and weathered items.

These are unpainted - black molded styrene.

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