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1603 Switch & Track Detailing Kit

The package includes (3) "sprues" a variety of track modeling materials. Including famous CVT switch kit parts like the switch stand.

Add these turnout detailing parts to your existing yard turn-outs and you will wonder why the Switch-Man left the padlocks off!

Included in the package are the following items:

A.Animated Switch Stands..3 items

B.Rail bolt bars.24 items

C.Rail braces.42 items

D.Frog Bolt Bars (long).12 items

E.Code 70 guard rails6 items

F.Code 83 guard rails6 items

G.CVT throw bar (for use with 2600 - 2900 switch tie blocks)6 items

H.CVT Point retainer plates (for use with CVT castpoints).6 items

I.CVT Head tie Block (for use with 2600 - 2900 switch tie blocks).3 items


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