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Blair Line #2006

HO Yard Cafe / Hiway Cafe

  • Kit includes laser-cut wood exterior and interior walls featuring tab-n-slot construction. 
  • Laser cut floor with sidewalk.  
  • Laser cut door trim, window trim, corner and eave trim feature peel-n-stick adhesive for easier assembly. 
  • Laser cut window glazing. 
  • Includes interior walls, counters, barstools and interior back wall detailed photo of a typical diner cooking area. 
  • Details include laser cut Café signs for each side of the building. 
  • Laser cut Yard Café and Hiway Café signs for front of awning and rooftop sign. 
  • Detailed laser cut rooftop air condition unit. 
  • Also included are burglar bars, wall vents and downspouts. 
  • A really nice selection of restaurant and café signs from Blair Line's extensive photo collection.
  • HO kit dimensions: cafe footprint  4.75" x 3.25"




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