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  • Now supporting US (1:160) and UK (1:148) N scales, H0 and 00, all in scale miles or kilometers per hour, this unit stands over any track, and displays the speed of a train as it passes, in either direction. 
  • It is a stand-alone device, and runs off two AAA batteries, included in the package, so is ideal for DC or DCC layouts.
  • The speedometer uses the precision of a microcontroller to measure the time between two infrared beams that the train passes through. Based on this time, the scale speed can be calculated from a mathematically derived calibration factor.
  • Built into the software are the calibration factors for US (1:160) and UK (1:148) N scales, US H0 and British 00, and these factors are selectable from a button accessible from the front panel of the device.
  • Speed is displayed for 5 seconds and then unit goes into power saving mode.
  • Auto shut off after 5 minutes of no trains.
  • The "tunnel" is large enough to straddle two N tracks, or one H0 track, and is tall enough for double-stack containers. Locomotive shown in photo is not included.



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